Who we are and why we're doing this.

It's fairly simple.

From quants, for quants

Working in quantitative finance and leveraging state of the art investment technology, we faced similar challenges over and over again. To enable our quants to work more efficient and transparent, we developed HyprGol.

With HyprGol we significantly reduced time to market for our own AI investment fund and increased the ROI on R&D spendings. Now we enable you to do the same!

Why HyprGol?

Rocket engines require a specific combination of propellants, which have to spontaneously ignite when coming in contact. Such a propellant is commonly referred to as “hypergolic”.

HyprGol enables your quants to release their full potential from the very first moment, by concentrating on what they’re best at – building quant strategies. We take care of the rest!

The Management Team

Thomas Kutschera
Chief Executive Officer
Christoph Peter
Chief Operating Officer
Jan Wessling
Chief Technology Officer