Who we are and why we're doing this

It's fairly simple

From quants, for quants

Working in quantitative finance and leveraging AI technology, we faced similar challenges over and over again. This led to the development of HyprGol as an internal solution.

By talking to peers, we quickly realized that we could also ease their pains by offering HyprGol as a software as a service and help other quants to boost their productivity and fast-track their development process.

Why is it called HyprGol?

Rocket engines require a specific combination of propellants. They have to spontaneously ignite when coming in contact. Such a propellant is commonly referred to as “hypergolic”.

HyprGol enables your quants to release their full potential from the very first moment. This way they can concentrate on what they’re hired for and best at – building quant strategies!

Christoph Peter
Thomas Kutschera
Jan Wessling