Design, Test and Trade
quantitative strategies
on one platform

Working in silo solutions belongs to the past.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scale computing power on demand to rapidly design, test and deploy your machine learning strategies.

Seamless Integrations

The modules merge seamlessly without the need for complex imports or exports.

Supreme Control

The company-owned cloud infrastructure keeps you in control of your data and strategies.


Import Module

The centralized platform solution enables quants to design quantitative strategies, which incorporate a huge range of different data sets coming either from their own data vendors or internal data sources and will be stored in a dedicated data lake.

Develop & Analyse

Dev Module

At the heart of the platform lies a fully scalable and computationally efficient dev environment. It unifies strategy development with an extensive stress- and backtesting Web UI to run your strategies, produce the relevant evaluation results and report them to all stakeholders.


Trading Module

To live trade successful strategies, the platform comes with an interface to best-in-class order management systems, which will leverage them
in a highly scalable production environment.